CORED WIRE  > Ca-Fe Cored Wire
decrease obstruct on water mouth and avoid strip-shaped sulfurization so improve property of steel.

?13mm, ?16mm
?13mm standard cored wire in steel industry,apply to various steel furnace and alloy smelting.
?16mm apply to alloy addition in the large-scale steel furnace.

Materials and elements used in producting
Ca%min Fe%min S%max P%max Moisture%max Dia mm Filling rateg/m min Fe Powder Rate
30 69 0.01 0.01 0.5 ?13 250 1:1.45

 Quality of cored wire
Fastening wrap, without leaking powder, no fold line, no weak line, no empty line, well-propotioned powder density and bright surface without smear.

Plastic shrink (anti-proof)+cage(steel-structured)+pallet, or packing according to the special requirements.

 Composition    Ca?Y30%,Fe?70%

 Diameter     13.5+/-0.5mm,Horizontial??Vertical, inside pay-off.

 Sheath thickness    0.4mm

 Sheath Weight     150+/-10g/m

 Powder Weight     ?Y250g/m

 Wire Weight     410-430g/m

 Net Weight     1.5T/coil

 Length of coil    3600-3750m/coil

 Package     plastic shrink(anti-proof) +Cage (steel-structured) +Pallet.

 Size of coil     ID: 590-600mm OD: 1200-1300mm Width: 640mm

Width: 640mm